Post-PPL Destination List

I’ve decided to keep this list updated with places I’d like to visit (by air of course) once I have my PPL.

  1. Minack Theatre (Lands End Airport) – the Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan society put on a production at the Minack Theatre every year, and it would be great to fly down there (potentially grabbing some overhead shots of the get in in the process). This could be tricky logistically (as ideally I’d spend at least a couple of nights there), but worth trying to do at least.
  2. Somewhere near Edinburgh – another theatre related one – the Edinbugh Fringe festival happens every year, and while I can’t spare the time to go for a long period, it would be nice to fly up there for a day or two if I can find a suitable aerodrome (while it is possible to land at Edinburgh airport, the fees are mad).
  3. Dublin – I’ve never been to Ireland, so it would be nice to visit (and also could be a good ‘warm up’ to potentially flying to France at some stage, as it’s a similar amount of open water to cross but without the potential language barrier at the other end).
  4. France – I think this has to be done at some stage, people have suggested I fly to Courchevel and do some skiing, however having seen some videos of what it’s like to take off and land there and seen it is ranked as one of the most difficult places in the world, I think I might try somewhere closer to sea level instead!
  5. Monaco – I saw on the flyer forums someone saying they’ve flown in to see the Monaco Grand Prix a few times. This sounds like an excellent (albeit likely very expensive!) idea!
  6. Vallance By-Ways Gatwick – this is a small grass strip very close to the main runway at Gatwick – one for when I’ve built up some experience of strips etc, but looks like a really fun place to fly in to!

Please feel free to make any suggestions for good places to go in the comments below!