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What a difference a year can make

One year ago today, I weighed 103.1Kg, with a BMI of 30.1 (obese), and 26.5% body fat. As of this morning, I weigh 69.25Kg (-33.85Kg), with a BMI of 20.2 (normal, -9.9), and 11.5% (-15%) body fat. This post is to set out how I got to this point, in the hope it might be …

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Weather again

Despite the weather starting to get very nice this week, sadly in Cambridge on Wednesday and Thursday (the days I had lessons booked) it decided that it would only do so in the afternoon, and leave things overcast at 200 feet or so in the mornings, thus no flying this week 🙁 I have however …

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Well, what to write on my first blog post I wonder, I suppose an introduction to what this blog will be about is probably a good start… The primary reason I’m starting this is I’ve recently decided to learn how to fly and get a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL), and having read a few blogs …

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