Category: PPL training

Effects of Controls (1)

I’d originally booked two lessons this week on Wednesday and Thursday – unfortunately due to poor weather neither of them happened. Fortunately there was a space for this morning, such that with a bit of rearrangement of my day I could fit it in, and fortunately the weather was good enough… I’d already had the …

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Ground Lesson

Today was my ground lesson – the idea of this was to cover all the procedures on the ground (pre-flight checks etc), and learn how to taxy around the airfield. I arrived a bit early, and while waiting for my instructor to finish the previous lesson saw another Hercules being tugged around, and a pair …

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Trial Lesson

Yesterday I had a trial flying lesson with Cambridge Aero Club at Cambridge Airport. I’d decided to do this before signing up for the course in case I discovered I was petrified once in the air etc (while I had been up in a light aircraft before, I was about 14 or 15 at the …

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