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Sep 29

First post-test flight

While I’m waiting for the CAA to issue my license, I can still fly solo with an instructors authorisation – I did this for the first time today, on a little local flight. The wind was a little bit of a concern, as just as I was about to head out and start checking out …

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Sep 26

Skills Test

Today I took (and passed) my skills test! The week started with days of very low visibility and low cloud, so I wasn’t hopeful, but yesterday the forecast was looking very positive, and thankfully it proved correct. I’d been given the route the evening before so I was able to do my planning etc, and …

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Sep 20

Darwin Flights

My trip to Amsterdam ended up a little more eventful than expected. As mentioned in my last post I’d been told I was the only passenger, and all was looking good – I boarded the aircraft on schedule, doors were closed, I heard the APU start up and then the switchover to it from ground …

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Aug 23

Practice Skills Test (2)

After a couple of attempts that were cancelled due to the weather, I was finally able to complete my practice skills test today.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) First up was doing the three stalls – the first (a full stall with no flaps, recovering when instructed) was fine – a slight peep from …

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Aug 08

(No title)

Today’s lesson was aiming to cover the things I was less confident on, we got through most of them, with the exception of cross wind practise, as there was very little wind at all today. First up was a PFL – while in general I got the procedure correct, there were a couple of things …

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Jul 12

More flying at last

After a nearly 2 month gap due to work committments and my general stress levels not being conducive to flying, I had two lessons this week. Both lessons involved circuits, as the cloud base wasn’t suitable for going out in to the local area. My first circuit was (as you might expect) a little all …

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May 09

Flying Update

I haven’t posted for a while so I thought an update would be a good idea for anybody who’s interested… Now that my QXC is out the way, I’m currently doing various ‘revision’ flights to make sure I’m ready for my skills test. This basically involves going over things I haven’t/hadn’t done for a while, …

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Mar 27

Solo Nav 2

After a week of bad weather, it was nice to wake up this morning to see things were looking positive for my second solo nav flight, which was a route out via Framlingham and Snetterton Heath.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download I got to the airfield, checked over the NOTAMs etc, and my …

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Mar 14

Solo Nav 1

The weather today finally co-operated and I was able to do my first solo navigation flight. My original booking was for the 9am slot, however it was clear that the visibility probably wasn’t going to improve sufficiently for me to get it done (and due to one aircraft being in maintenance I couldn’t extend beyond …

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Mar 13

Crosswind Circuits

I’m currently waiting to do my first solo navigation exercise, however the weather hasn’t been co-operating. I headed to the airport this morning knowing that I wasn’t going to be doing it (as the cloud base was too low over most of the route), but I thought I’d see if there was anything else I …

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