September 2013 archive

First post-test flight

While I’m waiting for the CAA to issue my license, I can still fly solo with an instructors authorisation – I did this for the first time today, on a little local flight. The wind was a little bit of a concern, as just as I was about to head out and start checking out …

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Skills Test

Today I took (and passed) my skills test! The week started with days of very low visibility and low cloud, so I wasn’t hopeful, but yesterday the forecast was looking very positive, and thankfully it proved correct. I’d been given the route the evening before so I was able to do my planning etc, and …

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Darwin Flights

My trip to Amsterdam ended up a little more eventful than expected. As mentioned in my last post I’d been told I was the only passenger, and all was looking good – I boarded the aircraft on schedule, doors were closed, I heard the APU start up and then the switchover to it from ground …

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