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Today’s lesson was aiming to cover the things I was less confident on, we got through most of them, with the exception of cross wind practise, as there was very little wind at all today.

First up was a PFL – while in general I got the procedure correct, there were a couple of things I didn’t do so well at – one was I forgot to warm the engine until quite late (then did a pathetic attempt at warming it!), and the other was that I forgot that there was very little wind, and so should have taken my flaps nice and early but didn’t, such that my first attempt I would have missed the field.

We did another, which went a lot better, so that was good.

Next up was a practise diversion from Bar Hill to Littleport – I came up with the heading and turned onto it, my initial ETA was too long, but this was fixed at the half way point as I got there nice and early. I had to call Lakenheath to get permission for MATZ penetration – I always dread doing this as they can be quite hard to understand at times, though today the controller was nice and clear which was good.

During the diversion my altitude holding was a little all over the place, so this is something I’m going to need to watch (I’ve always found it a bit tricky). The instructor also noticed that when checking position etc, I was trying to go map to ground, when actually with good visibility it’s best to go ground to map, and also look further ahead for obvious landmarks (in this case Ely Cathedral was a nice reference).

Then back to Cambridge – after a bit of fluffing up the RT when changing back to Cambridge (passing info to approach that I should have given to tower, and vice versa), we did a PFL from the overhead, which went OK, then finished off with a low level circuit.

The low level circuit went better than the last lesson, my altitude / speed holding was still a bit all over the place, but generally better, and I think I should be OK with this.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

In general I was very happy with the lesson, while I made some silly mistakes, I think I got a lot of useful tips and practise.

Next up in terms of actual flying, assuming the weather cooperates, is my practise test – after that it’ll just be anything I need to do more practise on as a result of the practise, and then the skills test proper. I’ve also got my practical RT exam on Monday, which should be interesting – need to practise making the various calls over the weekend…