December 2012 archive


I was supposed to be doing dual nav 3 today, however by the time the morning mist had cleared sufficiently to get us above minimums, and then due to a delay while the runway was inspected to check out some potential damage, we ran out of time. I had a choice at this point whether …

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Dual Nav 2

When I first woke up I assumed I wouldn’t be flying, as the weather was rubbish and the forecast didn’t look good, however it turned out to be one of those rare days where things turned out better than expected, and by 11:00 things were looking quite good (albeit still quite cold). The route today …

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Radio Navigation

I’ve had a long break from flying (not through choice, but due to weather), waiting to try and get my first navigation exercise done. After a cancelled lesson last week, I was advised to read up on the radio navigation side of things, as that was something we could do if the weather was good …

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