August 2012 archive


I woke up to see clear blue skies and the sun shining, so this morning’s lesson looked to be promising – I then looked at the METAR and TAF and realised that it was going to be a pretty much 90 degree crosswind, which was less encouraging! Once I got to the aero club, it …

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Glide approaches and more solo

I had a lesson booked for Wednesday – the weather wasn’t suitable for any more solo work (it was borderline in terms of the club’s limits, but given I’d only been solo once before it would have been a bad idea as I doubt I’d have been able to handle it!), so instead the instructor …

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First Solo!

I haven’t posted for a while (I have got a few notes about previous lessons which I might get round to putting up at some stage), but I have to do a post today as I had my first solo this morning! I’d had a lesson that went very well yesterday, where the last part …

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