Weather again

Despite the weather starting to get very nice this week, sadly in Cambridge on Wednesday and Thursday (the days I had lessons booked) it decided that it would only do so in the afternoon, and leave things overcast at 200 feet or so in the mornings, thus no flying this week 🙁

I have however purchased a headset now (a relatively cheap one – might be too cheap but it seems comfortable form wearing it as a test, and even if it is then it could be useful for passengers in the future), so when I do finally get flying will get to give it a go – I’ve got 2 lessons a week booked for the next 3 weeks, so hopefully will get a fair number of them.

On to other topics – I’ve been watching with interest the Dragon commercial spacecraft going to the ISS – hopefully today we’ll see it berthed, and while not quite on the level of the moon landings, this is quite a big first in space flight…