Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 31


After some initial confusion as to what lesson I was doing (yesterday’s instructor needed to dash out after the lesson and hadn’t had a chance to transfer his scribbled notes to my training file), we went and had the brief. The key thing here was going to be to try and keep the turns co-ordinated …

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May 30

Climbing and Descending (2)

Despite forecasts to the contrary, I woke up to find the weather was looking good, so went off to the airport. After a relatively short briefing (since this was essentially what I did last time, just adding use of flaps and power – though the instructor did give me a useful tip for how to …

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May 25

Weather again

Despite the weather starting to get very nice this week, sadly in Cambridge on Wednesday and Thursday (the days I had lessons booked) it decided that it would only do so in the afternoon, and leave things overcast at 200 feet or so in the mornings, thus no flying this week 🙁 I have however …

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May 16

Straight and Level (2)

The weather forecast had been looking promising, and I woke up to a good METAR and TAF, so I didn’t bother calling to check the weather and just went down to the airport. While waiting for my instructor (Susan this time) to get back from her previous lesson, I had a chance to have a …

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May 11

Straight and Level (1)

I checked the METAR when I got up this morning, and for the first time ever I saw CAVOK which was nice to see – the wind looked like it could be an issue, but it would depend on what it was doing by the time the lesson started. I go to the aero club, …

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May 10

Effects of Controls (2)

Today both the weather and my health (I developed a cold over the weekend which meant I cancelled the lesson I had booked for yesterday as I wouldn’t have been fit for it) came together and I finally got another lesson. When I got to the airport I wasn’t sure if the lesson was going …

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May 04


Just a quick update to say that unfortunately all 3 flying lessons I’ve had booked this week have been cancelled due to bad weather, which after last weeks was also cancelled is starting to get really frustrating 🙁 – I suppose it could be worse though, at least I am learning during the week when …

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