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Dec 12

Dual Nav 2

When I first woke up I assumed I wouldn’t be flying, as the weather was rubbish and the forecast didn’t look good, however it turned out to be one of those rare days where things turned out better than expected, and by 11:00 things were looking quite good (albeit still quite cold). The route today …

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Dec 05

Radio Navigation

I’ve had a long break from flying (not through choice, but due to weather), waiting to try and get my first navigation exercise done. After a cancelled lesson last week, I was advised to read up on the radio navigation side of things, as that was something we could do if the weather was good …

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Oct 10

First local area solo

Today I had my first solo flight away from the airport. The aim was to practise the various things I’ve been doing recently (which are steep (45 degree) turns, practise forced landings (PFLs), and possibly stalling and recovery). First was a couple of circuits with the instructor (just to make sure I can still actually …

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Sep 14

Leaving the circuit

I had a lesson booked for yesterday (Thursday), but despite pretty much perfect conditions it didn’t happen as the aircraft had had a problem and had to go in for some maintenance which wasn’t finished in time. Today it was too windy to do any solo, and I wouldn’t really have gained anything doing lots …

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Sep 12

This flying lark

While I’ve always found it fun, I think my ability is now getting sufficient to let me really enjoy this flying lark, and finish a lesson wanting more rather than being totally exhausted. I think this has been helped by (and I hope this doesn’t jinx it) the fact I’ve been really lucky with the …

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Aug 31


I woke up to see clear blue skies and the sun shining, so this morning’s lesson looked to be promising – I then looked at the METAR and TAF and realised that it was going to be a pretty much 90 degree crosswind, which was less encouraging! Once I got to the aero club, it …

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Aug 30

Glide approaches and more solo

I had a lesson booked for Wednesday – the weather wasn’t suitable for any more solo work (it was borderline in terms of the club’s limits, but given I’d only been solo once before it would have been a bad idea as I doubt I’d have been able to handle it!), so instead the instructor …

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Aug 24

First Solo!

I haven’t posted for a while (I have got a few notes about previous lessons which I might get round to putting up at some stage), but I have to do a post today as I had my first solo this morning! I’d had a lesson that went very well yesterday, where the last part …

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Jun 27

Circuits again

After a cancelled lesson yesterday due to some engine testing that was being carried out at Cambridge making circuits impractical, and the destination the instructor had planned to go (Duxford) to do them suddenly getting too busy, I was looking forward to today’s lesson. I did start to wonder if somebody had it in for …

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Jun 20

More circuits

I think I’m going to have to think up more imaginative titles for future blog posts, given the number of circuits lessons I’m likely to have! Unlike last week, today the surface wind was reported as around 4 knots from variable directions, and a nice high cloud base – by the time it actually came …

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