May 09

Flying Update

I haven’t posted for a while so I thought an update would be a good idea for anybody who’s interested…

Now that my QXC is out the way, I’m currently doing various ‘revision’ flights to make sure I’m ready for my skills test. This basically involves going over things I haven’t/hadn’t done for a while, both general handling tasks such as practice forced landings (PFLs), steep turns and stalling, and the various types of circuit (normal, flapless, glide, low-level and precision), making sure I remember what I’m doing, and ensuring my technique is as good as it can be.

While I’ve not had any serious issues with any of this, it’s interesting how I have needed a few attempts at some of the tasks to get them ‘right’ again – in some cases I wonder how much of this is due to lack of practise, and how much is due to my general awareness being better now so I’m actually realising my own mistakes a lot more than I was when I did these exercises the first time round.

The other task I’ve had is to get my remaining ground exams out the way, I’ve already done flight planning and performance and the communications written, so all I have left now is ‘Principles of Flight and Aircraft General’, and the RT (radio telephony) practical test, plus an internal club things called Expanded Brief 3 which is more of a discussion point than a ‘test’.

Weather dependent, I’m hoping to get the remaining revision flights out the way this month, such that I should be ready for my skills test by the beginning of June. Assuming this is the case (and that I pass!), I should then have my license back from the CAA by July, so should be able to get a fair amount of flying in whatever Summer we get this year…